How To Effectively Apply Deck Stains?


Decks that are not cleaned and stain applied to them usually last for a lesser period that they are supposed to. The deck will be easily destroyed by the water from the rain, or even few drops poured into it. A good deck will be able to repel water therefore not affecting it negatively. Applying stains is necessary if you realize it is being affected by the humid conditions. Several types such as the semitransparent, the solid and the bright stains are what you will get on the market. Staining an old deck will be able to increase the period that it will be utilized and also give it a great new look. The stain also acts as a filler to those decks which have cracks. The tips below will guide you when you want to apply stain on your deck. All of your question about deck stains will be answered when you click the link.

Considering the climatic conditions that are there the moment you want to stain your deck is crucial. Do not do the staining when it is too hot or too cold. Doing the staining during the hot days, the stain will not penetrate well in the woods because it will dry very fast. It is also not good to do the staining during the wet season because it takes longer to dry. working will be interfered with for some days until it dries well. Temperatures which lie between 50F to 90F are the ideal for staining you Decker.

Your deck should be well prepared. Remove all possible dirt and dust by cleaning the surface properly. The areas with splints should be cleaned with a sand paper. Use the knife to remove materials that are between the boards then clean using the Decker cleaner. If you decide to take a pressure cleaner, it means that you will have to wait for more days for it to dry. Be excited to our most important info about these deck stains.

The stain type that you use should match the woods. It is important to know that each type of stain has its own advantages. Do not use a different stain from the one that you had used earlier on your deck. You will not be able to use the clear and the semi transparent stain if you had earlier used a solid one. When you use the clear or the semitransparent type, later you can use the solid.

The stains should be thin. Mix first the gallons you are using until you get a consistent color. You should then apply thin coating of the stain to prevent puddles which don’t soak in the woods. It is, even more, thinner when you are using the cleat type of stain. Be more curious about the information that we will give about deck


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